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1. Pure Tenancy Management

For owners of rental buildings, apartments or commercial units, we offer as a basic service the pure rental management:

  • Preparation of rental contracts
  • Rent collection and rent control, administration of deposits
  • Contact for tenants
  • Processing of tenant complaints and defect reports
  • Organization of necessary repairs, coordination of craftsmen
  • Accounting of operating expenses
  • Examination and realization of rent increases
  • Cancellations
  • Taking charge of other landlord’s tasks
  • etc.

2. Entire object management

In addition, we offer the entire management of buildings rented for residential or commercial purposes:

  • Rental management as described above at point 1
  • Control of the maintenance state
  • Preparations of a maintenance plan
  • Organization of the necessary repairs or maintenance measures
  • Check of requirements and monitoring the proper execution of third party contracts like winter services, refuse collection, insurances etc.
  • Selection and assignment of craftsmen 
  • Contact for third parties (e.g. authorities) for all property-related matters
  • etc.

The scope of the desired management services can be arranged individually. 

3. Management of a freehold property unit in a condominium

The management of a freehold property is the management of a - mostly rented - property unit (apartment or commercial unit) in a shared building:

  • Rental management as described above at point 1
  • Contact for owners’ association, building management, tenants and third parties concerning all matters of the freehold unit 
  • Receipt, examination and forwarding of correspondence with the owners’ association, e.g. minutes of owners' meetings or other community concerns
  • Handling and monitoring of the owners’ association fees of the freehold unit
  • etc.


Wir arbeiten mit der DKB (Deutsche Kreditbank AG) zusammen, auf Wunsch bleiben die WEG-Konten auch bei der aktuellen Bank.

4. Singular services

  • Summary of the essential object-related correspondence in English 
  • Intermediary in terms of language between owners and third parties for object-related matters

You want to know more about our activities or you are interested in a management contract? 

We will gladly be at your disposal by phone, email or in person to answer your questions or to clarify further details.